Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ok I think I may have this picture thing figured out. Maybe!! Here is a picture of the boys outside yesterday. Ok may be I don't have it figured out. The picture is not going where I want them to go. I will figure it out sometime. Hopefully sooner rather than later!!
Here is the after picture of the girls with their cake, see this was supposed to be the last picture but it is the first.

And here is the before picture. So cute!!

So today, just another regular day. Blake went to school today. Tyson and the girls hung out with Braden while he kept track of the hockey trades on TV. I headed out to do some running around and get the kids SIN #s so that we can set up their RESP. Blake and Tyson tried chicken breast tonight!! Another step in the right direction!! Yeah for normal family stuff!!

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