Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Summary of the Day

Oh for spring. I can't wait for spring, nice weather, open the windows, clothing on the line, and getting rid of germs!! But it also means that Braden goes back to work and we don't like that part. We have enjoyed an extra long winter with him, going on 3 months now and it has been nice. Just hanging out as a family, him here to help put the kids to bed every night. Today was a good day. We did some fort building and more fort building (they are really into that right now), computer, Wii, and some rowdiness which led to the boys spending some time outside. It was cold but they needed to burn off some energy!! We were also successful at getting Blake and Tyson to try meatballs (no small feat) and they liked them. Here are some pictures from Rachael and Paige's 1st birthday party on Sat. and one from today. Ok as it turns out I need to perfect this adding a picture thing. The pictures will be added soon!!

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