Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mommy Guilt

Who hasn't felt Mommy guilt? I certainly have. Many times over. However I once heard someone say that if you feel Mommy guilt then that means you care and you are doing a good job. I like to think of it this way, but I still feel Mommy guilt. I feel guilty that my 3 other children will never get the same attention that my first got. I feel guilty that I have twins and then will never get the attention of being the only baby at one time. I feel guilty that my older 2 don't get the attention that the girls get because they are twins. I feel guilty when I take some time to myself during the day as taking care of 4 children can be exhausting. All in all I think I am doing a good job. Will the Mommy guilt ever go away? I don't think so but I can live with that.

Updates on the kids are:

  • Signed the boys up for Sports Mania at the local YMCA today. See how they like that
  • Rachael is getting 2 new teeth, bottom in front and a top molar.
  • Paige is getting on new tooth, bottom in front. She still hasn't got one of her top side ones.
  • Tyson misses Blake when he goes to school and is bound and bent that he is going to school too!!
  • Blake went to the local fire hall with his class on Monday and had a great time.

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