Thursday, June 18, 2009

15 month check ups and life.

So the girls went for their 15 month check ups yesterday. (3 weeks late, but whose counting) They weighed exactly the same (21.8 lbs.) and she measured them as Paige was a 1/4 inch taller but I don't know about that as they were pretty squirmy. (Rachael at 32 1/4 inches and Paige a quarter inch taller) I'll have to try to measure them here. Man the time goes so fast. Their not babies anymore. They are toddlers now, with opinions!! They have also decided that they do not like to share a lap. They try to push the other off when they are having to share a lap. I try to give them plenty of alone lap time, but it doesn't seem to matter!! Oh well, this too shall pass.

Starting to work with Tyson a little on his letters. He can say the alphabet, but doesn't know his letters by sight yet. I'm not pushing it by any means, just trying ways to make it fun and a game to help a little. He doesn't have as much interest as Blake did when he was this age in art and letters and numbers and such. Learning more about my children everyday and how different they are. Let's celebrate that.

Blake has 3 more days left of SK. Where has the year gone. He seems to be excited to start grade 1. We will see when the time comes. He really doesn't like new things and change. Don't get me wrong he is getting better but it takes him some time getting settled into a new routine. Looking forward to having the summer to spend together!!

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